July 7th, 2013




This community is for any issue, problem, grievance, discussion and etc that the TDL Mods need to discuss and/or talk about.
Members are not invited here, unless you have a grievance with a Mod.

Please be respectful and polite. No flaming, trolling, harrassment, bashing, bad-mouthing or bad language.
Do not discuss anything that goes on here outside of this community.

If you have an issue, post about it.
If you have a complaint, post about it.
If a complaint is made against you, this is where we'll deal with it.
If you're a member with a complaint against a moderator, please PM the President to begin the mediation process.

Common courtesies should be lived by here. If you're a Mod, you can be here. If you aren't, try the Question Box which is linked in our sidebar.